ViviDex Devlog - 01

Hello all,

It’s our second Devlog and we are starting this one off with a big thank you to all who tried out the first ViviDex demo a few weeks ago. Reading everyone’s comments helped push us forward into development and give us a solid idea of where we need to get working. With all that said these are the features we are working on:

  • Updated Camera, many of you pointed out the frustrations with the camera movement so we have added some changes to help prevent it getting caught behind walls/objects
  • New Music, we wanted to try out some different music during gameplay. When the build releases, let us know what you think!
  • Gamepad Support Development, we are retooling the build to support Gamepad controls in the future
  • Random Enemy Drops, enemies now will randomly drop either Health or Mana potions and each drop has different rates to them
  • A New Potion, We have added a new potion to the mix: A Strength Potion. If you pick up this potion you’ll get a boost to your attack damage for a short time, for now you’ll know it is active by the bats flying around your character

Once again we thank you for all the support from our first release, it really made an impact on us and please look forward to the next build coming this month!

  • Team Soosh

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