Thank you so much for checking out our page and we welcome you all to the devlog for our game: ViviDex. 

We at Team Soosh believe everyone can be a badass and with ViviDex we want to capture that feeling through a casual-fun beat’em up game.

We all met in our college anime club and found out we enjoyed working on events and projects in our spare time. We thought that we made a pretty damn good team and after graduation we kept in touch through Discord and a love for gaming.

Our stumble into Game Design started with the GMTK GameJam 2018 where we made a quick unique take on the stealth genre. None of us had even the smallest clue as to what we were doing but we powered through and the end result was Not-So Sneaky Girl.

The whole process was filled with laughs, late nights, lunchables and a WHOLE lotta panic. We thought the next reasonable step would be jumping right off the boat into the deep end.

Going forward we want to use this to post our latest updates and thoughts on where ViviDex is and where we want it to go. We hope that you will check it out and also feel free to drop any comments you have on the game, it all will be a great help in making sure this all comes together.



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45 days ago

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